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In this section, you have the opportunity to read or to download to your computer several articles and speech presentations.

The majority of them have been written or presented by Celso Foelkel, Ester Foelkel and/or by their co-authors. There are also papers and speeches written by some distinguishing authors and posted in this website by the fact of their relevance to the forest-based sector.

Most of the texts related to this section are in Portuguese, but we also have several in English or Spanish. They are freely available to you, but you need to have in your computer the softwares: PDF- Adobe Acrobat Reader®; PPT – Microsoft Power Point®; W - Microsoft Word®; or WinZip®.

A great number of these articles have been published in O Papel magazine, the official journal from the Brazilian Pulp and Paper Technical Association (ABTCP). Others were presented in association events and conferences. Several texts which were submitted for publication at Folha Informativa, the official journal of TECNICELPA – The Portuguese Association for Technicians of the Pulp and Paper Industry – are also available in the section Viewpoints/Chronicles/Opinions.

There are also links to articles published in the Ciencia Florestal magazine, a publication issued by the Federal University of Santa Maria / Brazil. These articles are in Portuguese, but they have a short summary in English. The same is valid to articles published in IPEF and/or Scientia Forestalis magazines.

To access these collections, please select:

Collection of Viewpoints/Chronicles/Opinions (W or PDF)

Collection of Technical Articles – ABTCP (PDF)

Collection of Other Articles - Authored or co-authored by Celso Foelkel (W or PDF)

Collection of Other Articles - Other Authors (W or PDF)

Collection of Speech Presentations (PDF and PPT)

Collection of articles in the Ciencia Florestal magazine (PDF)

Collection of articles in the journals IPEF & Scientia Forestalis, publications from the Instituto de Pesquisas e Estudos Florestais - University of Sao Paulo (PDF)

Collection of books (PDF)

Collection of "kits" or selection of references from literature about Eucalyptus, Pinus and Araucaria (Kits in PDF)

If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat Reader®, the Microsoft Word® or the Microsoft Power Point® installed in your computer, please, select the logos below to download the programs:

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