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PinusLetter is another of the knowledge-based creations from Celsius Degree, aiming to help the sustainable development of planted forests and corresponding generated products, in accordance to the most sound concepts of technology, ecoefficiency, economy and social-environmental issues. The main characters described in this newsletter are trees and forests from the genus Pinus.

The objectives we have to create, produce, promote and distribute the PinusLetter editions are the following:

• To inform and to communicate in an accessible and transparent way to the Brazilian, Iberian and Latin American Societies about topics that may be of interest to them on plantation forestry and forest products originated from pines and other conifer species;
• To answer to the demands from interested parties on additional knowledge about the pines. Stakeholders can place their suggestions for topics to be covered by PinusLetter through the following e-mail address:
• To collaborate in the qualification of human resources to the forest-based sector, with special focus on developing young talents, who require and demand expertise in forestry, environment, industrial use of products from pine planted forests, technical and business management guidance - always focusing on scientific foundations and on the concepts of ecoefficiency, sustainability and green consumption of natural resources.

In order to grow and to consolidate itself, and also to achieve its sustainability as a high quality newsletter in the quarterly basis we intend to give to it, PinusLetter needs supporters to financially cooperate towards covering its costs, as well as to provide a fair and decent pay to its creators. There are several opportunities for sponsorships: – to organizations and companies that may have their logo and name associated to the publications; – to individual persons who are interested in helping to support this project. If you are interested in financially support the next PinusLetter editions or knowing how to do such, visit the link "Sponsor the PinusLetter".

Besides the support received from several organizations and corporate sponsors, PinusLetter also counts on the help received from facilitating organizations, which are institutions oriented for promoting, cooperating, disseminating, distributing and helping to raise sponsorships – all aiming to guarantee perpetuity for the PinusLetter editions.

At present, PinusLetter is being supported and sponsored by the companies and organizations cited at the end of this present page.

PinusLetter consists in a technical information service - published in Portuguese - that is freely distributed over the Internet to those who are registered in our database to receive it. Those people who are already registered to receive the Portuguese versions of the Eucalyptus Online Book & Newsletter are already registered to receive the PinusLetter editions. If this is not your case, and if you want to receive all these publications at no cost, please, just go to the following address to you make your own registry. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER . Then, join the nearly 20,000 people are receiving each edition of our digital informatives. If you are interested in knowing all the PinusLetter issues which have already been published, go to "PinusLetter Archives". The translation from Portuguese to English is being provided by Google Translator without any adjustments from our side.

All previously released editions of PinusLetter will always be available for downloading in our website Just click on the corresponding PinusLetter editions provided below to open each one of them. In case you like some of the articles, have a chance to save them on your computer. If you are interested in the pines - their trees, forests and the products derived from them, we promise not to disappoint you.

The technical coordination and the writings of this informative became exclusive Celso Foelkel's responsibility from December 2012. Before that, these responsibilities were shared and led by the agronomist and M.Sc. Ester Foelkel, who had to be momently away to handle her doctorate at UFPR - Federal University of Parana. To learn more about both, browse a little more this website in the address

The PinusLetter is being published in a frequency of three issues per year, being the releases in conjunction with the other Celsius Degree digital publications: Eucalyptus Online Book and Eucalyptus Newsletter. All registered people and sponsors are linked to these three publications, receiving them to read and to browse. PinusLetter is released only in the Portuguese idiom, but always have global references of articles, websites and links. Therefore, you may be directed to visit webpages in languages such as English, Spanish, French, in addition to Portuguese.

We hope this knowledge-oriented product may perform to your satisfaction and may deserve your prestige as a member of our "mailing list".

Thanks for the continuous support and commitment to our project - so that we can have the Brazilian forestry and forest-based industry as world examples, as a legacy of quality and sustainability for future generations. We will achieve that with determination and with the support of scientific knowledge, the same kind of knowledge that we intend to help disseminating through PinusLetter.

Celso Foelkel

Ester Foelkel

PinusLetter Editions:

Edition 01 -January 2008

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